Strategic Goals and Objectives

HIV & Aids Councelling training

Based on the above analysis of the strategic issues, the following are the Strategic Goals (SG) and Strategic Objectives (SO) to be implemented under each goal of ECFE for 2007 up to 2011.

  • SG 1: To Develop Internal Capacity To Serve God’s purpose through Members
    • SO 1.1-To develop and implement new systems: ECFE will design and implement different manuals and systems with respect to Human Resources, financial, logistical, and programmatic management. These systems will be supported by the introduction of ICT in all endeavors. 
    • SO 1.2-Efficient and systematic governance structure: A new organizational structure will be developed and implemented. This structure will properly address capacity and fair representation of leadership, membership, transparency, communication, and delegation of authority.    
  • SG 2: To Work For The Achievement of The Great Commission Through CapacityBuilding
    • SO 2.1-To deliver a complete package of Capacity Building of Members: ECFE will first of all make an assessment of the capacity demand of members and design a work plan to deliver capacity building in areas that match the members demands. This of course requires ECFE to raise the necessary funds to do this training.
    • SO 2.2-To Design and Conduct Training for Staff Members:  In order for ECFE to deliver efficient and effective services to its constituency, it needs to assess the capacity of its staff and organize training accordingly.
  • SO 3: To Advocate for Issues and Interests of Its Members and Work on PeaceBuilding
    • SO 3.1-Use advocacy and lobbying towards proper consideration of member rights and issues by others: As a representative body and voice for all members, ECFE has the responsibility to respond when members raise any breach of rights, discriminations or other issues, in their endeavors to implement the work of God on Earth, are not denied their constitutional right to worship and preach the Gospel. This entails raising the concerns and advocating in the judiciary procedure and government administrative structures.
    • SO 3.2-Raise and Advocate for Issues that Concern Humans as Creations of God: Issues that violate the God-given rights of human being in line with Christian values will be identified and the ECFE will stand for the respect of these rights and the alleviation of human suffering in all forms.
    • SO 3.3-Work in PeaceBuilding Within and Outside the Constituency: Based on the Peace Jesus Christ gave to this world, ECFE will work with its members towards peace building as part of its commitment to accomplish the Great Commission.
  • SO 4: To Avail Information through Conduct of Research and Documentation
    • SO 4.1-Identify Information Need and Conduct Research: In order for ECFE to perform the tasks mentioned in other goals and objectives, ECFE needs to identify topics from its members and conduct research to gather the required information. This in turn will require ECFE to build its research capacity.
    • SO 4.2-Document and Disseminate Information: Based on members interest for information to support their individual activities, ECFE will compile and disseminate the required information either as an outcome of the research or find the information from available sources.