Elements of Strategic Directions

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Strategic Directions

The major purpose of going through the process of strategic exercise explained in the sections above is so that there is sufficient information to set the future direction of ECFE. After assessing the history, the internal and external realities, new developments and emerging issues surrounding ECFE, the members has agreed on the following strategic directions to lead the organization for the next 10 years.


  • ECFE in the coming years will focus on facilitation and coordination capacity building support for its own staff and partner members so they can achieve greater impact, 
  • Invest more of its time in net-working, advocacy and promotion of peace and justice and other pressing issues,

Service Delivery:

  • Provide needs-based services to its members,
  • Provide information to ECFE members in emerging theological, interfaith and other issues and encourage its members to take a common and united position and when necessary coordinate such action.
  • Invest more of its time and resources in supporting and promoting activities and programs that bring together more ECFE members, yielding greater impact and having a multiplier effect,


  • Effectively utilize modern information and communication technology for internal communication and spreading the Gospel,   
  •  Build itself to become an effective and respected representative of the evangelical church community in Ethiopia,
  • Actively engage in research, learning, documentation and exchange of information within and outside its membership on selected areas critical to the mission of the Fellowship,
  • Ensure ownership of ECFE by all its members through creation of appropriate fora.